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It is important to check your website’s health, and see how search engine robots view it. Our free SEO site audit tool can help you get started.

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  • Check your website’s health

  • Prioritize SEO issues and decide what to fix first

  • Optimize your internal and external links;

  • Add tags where they are missing;

  • Make titles, meta descriptions, and other HTML tags unique and comprehensible for users and search engines;

  • Correct broken images and provide them all with an alt attribute;

  • Detect and erase error pages;

  • Find duplicate content pages;

  • Track SEO optimization progress

  • Find and fix hreflang mistakes

  • Ensure the security of your website with HTTPS checks

  • Detect all possible AMP implementation issues


What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)? Why do you need it?

SEO is series of steps designed to get your website to rank higher in Google, Yahoo!, Bing and other search engines. At Your SEO Consultant, we help give your company a better chance of being seen and engaged with online by your target audience.

Search engines have become our answer engines.

Over 80% of all Americans will use a search engine. Over 70% of all adults will use a search engine on a daily basis.

With all those searches going on, over 90% of people who use search will click on links on the first page of results. If you are not in the first couple of pages of search results in Google, Bing, Yahoo! and other search engines, you will not be discovered through organic search.

SEO Requires Attention To Detail

We believe successful SEO requires great attention to detail and smart work.

Optimizing your website starts with a detailed site audit and keyword / phrase / topic review. We also want to review your target audience (any customer / buyer personas) to make sure we understand WHO you are trying to connect with online.

Depending on your needs, we can review your site architecture, examine inbound and outbound links, check for toxic links, update content on key landing pages, build a content marketing strategy, as well as develop and implement a smart, white hat link-building program.

Other factors that may come into play include Google penalty recovery, correcting duplicate content issues, local search (especially important for service businesses, retailers, restaurants and more), optimized videos and images, and more.

Overall, you can trust our approach, because we stay current on the latest SEO trends and best practices.

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SEO consulting services include professional expertise, as well as the use of various tools and data. The purpose is to understand your target audience and then analyze your website to determine what changes need to be made so that the website is optimized for search engines. The final step is to implement the changes, and monitor results - adjusting over time.

At a minimum, a SEO consulting project should be 3 months. This gives the SEO specialist time to gather data and make changes, and then allow for search engines to process those changes.

Every SEO consulting campaign is unique, because each project depends on your website, audience, data, goals, budget, and other factors.

Below are some of what is included in a normal SEO consulting services project:

Site audit
Website architecture
Linking strategy
Keyword and phrase research
Competitor analysis
Analytics review

Customer profile
Google penalty recovery
Local search optimization
Duplicate page titles and content
Mobile search optimization
XML sitemap creation / submission


Details are important. We start every SEO or content marketing project by working closely with you and your team to gather all the facts.

1. Questions & Research

During our initial conversations, we are going to ask a lot of questions about your interests and goals, your website, your customers, your competition, and how you measure success. At the same time, we will conduct research on all those areas. This will give us the background we need to build the right plan for your SEO needs.

2. Design A Comprehensive SEO Plan

Once we have all the data, we then design a comprehensive SEO plan that includes an overview, as well as a weekly checklist of tasks. The overview gives you the high-level strategy, so you can see what we are working towards. The checklist gives you the SEO tactics we are going to follow to improve your website's performance in search engines and with your target audience.

3. Implement and Measure Results

Lastly, we implement the plan and communicate in detail as we go through our work. Normal SEO engagements require a lot of coordination with your marketing and website / technical teams. But we adapt to how your teams communicate and function best. With each piece completed, we look at how we can measure / report on success. Though there are no "quick fixes" to website problems, we do want to monitor and report on results on a consistent basis.


Below are some of the companies our experts have helped with SEO. They represent B2C, B2B, and B2G businesses of all sizes, and across multiple industries.

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